The goods of Skopelos are plentiful and well-known. The produce is delicious and healthy as the land of the island is blessed and its people are hard-working.

A variety of traditional products are available at the Lemonis shop, in the centre of Skopelos; olive oil and olives, honey, wine, the famous Skopelos plums (sweet avgato, chocolate-covered plums), almond (marzipans, hamalia, rozedes), wonderful spoon sweets (sour cherry, quince, bergamot, lemons, oranges), compotes, natural handmade organic soaps and cosmetics. Many of these products including oil, honey and the spoon sweets are produced by the Lemonis family.

Skopelos, Northern Sporades

37003 Magnesia Greece

+30 24240 23 326

+30 24240 23 854

+30 6949 44 69 93