Best Skopelos Beach – Guide to Blue Flag Beaches

guide to skopelos blue flag beaches

Skopelos is the beautiful Greek island located in the western Aegean Sea. It is a beautiful island with some of the most mesmerizing and beautiful beaches in the world. Greece is known for its beautiful beaches that are just breathtaking.

The water in these beaches is crystal clear and cleanliness is also maintained around the beach.

There are many Skopelos beaches which have received the “blue flag”. The blue flag is given to the beaches that are of the highest quality and meet all the standards of cleanliness and health.

When you go to Skopelos you just cannot skip visiting these nature’s beauty. The gushing water will just leave you speechless.

To make it easier for you, I have made a list of the best-known beaches in Skopelos. This list has been created by using personal experience, and the experiences of other travelers, bloggers, and tourists.


Panormos beach

At a distance of about 17km from Chora, you will find this beautiful and one of the most popular beaches of Skopelos called the Panormos beach. It is a beach with pebbles and crystal clear water. The beauty of this beach has well preserved by inhabitants of Skopelos. There are lifeguards available on this beach for the security of swimmers. At sunset this beach gives the view of heaven, it is a mesmerizing view.


Adrina beach

This is yet another beautiful beach. On the beach side, there are a few hotels also where you can stay. These hotels have maintained their own quality and also taken care of the beauty of the beach. When the sun shines on this beach it sparkles like stars no the night sky. It has the most beautiful clear blue water, the kind of water that you have never seen before. The beauty of this beach is just breathtaking.


Elios beach

These are the beaches that are located along the village of New Klima. Some people in Skopelos also call it Neo Kilma, so don’t get confused when they take this name. These are very clean and very safe beaches. They do not receive a lot of tourism but the locals of Skopelos love this beach and come here to spend some quality time friends and family. This beach is highly suited for families and is a fun place to spend your weekend. These beaches are facing west so when the sun sets it’s a beautiful sight to see.


Milia beach

Yet another beautiful blue flag high-quality beach is this Milia beach located in Skopelos. It is a beautiful beach that stands alone and quiet from the rest of its surroundings. It is the calmest and peaceful ever. If you want to spend some quality alone time to clear your mind this beach should be your go-to place. The air on this beach is so pure that it just freshens up your mind and clears your thoughts. It has the most beautiful pebbles and a crystal clear blue-green water. The pines are there to add to the beauty of this beach.


Limnonari beach

At about 9km from Skopelos town is this beautiful beach. It is said that this beach got its name from the Greek god of war, Ares (Limni tou Ari- the lake of Ares). He was stunned by its beauty. The water of this beach is calm and relaxed. The blue-green water of this beach is just so beautiful that sometimes it becomes difficult to believe that nature can create such beautiful beaches. It has fine white sand which sparkles under the sunshine. There are decks and umbrellas on the shore for visitors to relax and have a good time. There are also two small tavernas near the beach.


skopelos best beaches gallery
skopelos best beaches gallery


These are the best beaches in Skopelos which have also received the blue flag. They are some of the most beautiful creations of God and the views can never leave your mind. These beaches have to be a part of your, to visit places when you come to Skopelos.


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