Skopelos Calm Nature Holidays

skopelos calm nature holidays

Do you want a relaxed, and peaceful holiday? Do you want to have some fun these summers? Well if both the answers are yes, let me tell you the best place that you need to visit this summer, it’s called Skopelos. It is the most beautiful island on planet Earth.

The lush green forests and the pine trees and the clear water beaches are the souls of this island. You can spend your afternoons just wandering around the town, watching its small chapels, the streets and the beautiful buildings.

This town is just a home of art, it's in the buildings, the food, handcrafted vases, and the embroidery, everywhere you will see art its finest.

If you have seen Mamma Mia you will know how beautiful this island is, that hit musical was shot on this island.


Relaxing Holidays in Nature

When looking for a calm place to stay in Skopelos you can easily find many hotels and apartments to rent.

Comfort rooms are available for your budget since you can book them at very good prices. If you want to have the best vacations of your life, come and relax in Skopelos. Here you can have the best nature holidays Skopelos, with pure beauty around you. 

Skopelos is a very versatile island, from the traditional foods to the modern fun activities it has a lot to offer.

Go fishing, sunbathing, kayaking, or boating, you will enjoy everything to the fullest because the beaches are just mesmerizing. They take your breath away.

Plan for yourself nature holidays Skopelos and just relax in Skopelos this summer.


The Blue - Green Island

Skopelos will paint your holidays green and blue. 80% of this town is covered in dense forest.  And the beaches are just miracles of nature. Skopelos has a lot of beauty to offer to its visitors, as the island has maintained its quality for the tourists. The forests, the beaches, and the main town everything is just worth a watch.

There are so many beaches surrounding this town, Milia, Panormos, Agnontas, Velanio, and many more mesmerizing beaches. Both sandy and pebble beaches have beauties of their own and they both leave you speechless for a minute.

When the sun is bright the sand sparkles like stars in the night sky. There are all kinds of beaches, for the nudists and for the families. By the seaside facilities have been provided for the visitors to have a good experience, from hotels, cafes, umbrellas to good music and party life. Everything is waiting for you here in Skopelos!


Skopelos Town

People of this island have developed this town into a very beautiful, traditional yet a very modern town. Skopelos is the capital of its island. Just wander around the streets and you will see these beautiful small chapels, very artistically made houses, flowers, whitewashed stairs and cafes here and there. The town has a lot of beauty of its own. People of this town keep it clean and beautiful. Everyone takes care of their town which is the main reason why this town has maintained its beauty and got this reputation of a beautiful town.


The Plums of Skopelos

How can we forget these plums? People of Skopelos love pies and they love their plum pies too.

Three different kinds of plums are grown in Skopelos. Avgato which is used in making desserts and pies, the sour plums are used for cooking and making jams, and the last one Agen is used in cooking as well as dried as prunes.

You must have noticed that I have not mentioned anything about chaos and a lot of people in Skopelos, because the truth is there is none. It is a very peaceful place and if you want to relax in Skopelos just visit any of the beaches, wander around the town or just stay in your hotel for a while, this place has only peace to offer.



Skopelos, Northern Sporades

37003 Magnesia Greece

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