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Have you ever planned to visit a Greek island? Then must visit Skopelos also known as Mamma Mia Island. It is one of the small islands of the coast of Greece and there is a lot to explore in the Island. It is the best place for nature lovers and families.

You can take boat tours on the clear water beaches and that boat ride would be the best ride of your lifetime that I can guarantee you. There are a lot of activities that you can do in Skopelos, it is filled with fun places and activities that can make your holidays just perfect and memorable for the rest of your life.


Geographical location of Skopelos

Skopelos is a Greek island located in the western Aegean Sea. It is probably the most beautiful islands nature has created, it is filled with some mesmerizing beaches, beautiful taverns, some beautiful forests and just pure beauty that fills your heart with joy and happiness.

Skopelos is a part of the several islands that make up the Northern Sporades island group. This island group lies in the east of Pelion peninsula mainland and in the north of Euboea.

Due to Skopelos location it also serves as the main port of this island and is the municipal center of Sporades. Skopelos has an area of 96 sq. km. It comprises of two mountains, one in the center of the island and one in its southeast. Its neighbors include Skiathos and Alonissos.


What’s the town like?

Skopelos is not very big, it is a small town however it is a very lush town. It has all the facilities and beauty has been gifted to it by nature itself. The Skopelos town is located in the west of the Aegean Sea, however, the music taste of Skopelos town is very urban rather than being Aegean. Since there is also the medieval settlement here from the Ionian Islands the music also has an Italian essence to it.

Another very distinctive feature of Skopelos town is the prune-dying ovens. These ovens are scattered around the orchard cottages. History tells that Skopelos was once known for its prune-plums however since with the passage of time this hand kneaded became uneconomical this industry had gradually died by 1980s.

Since Skopelos is well known for its beaches you would think it would have a good supply of water however that is not the case. Skopelos has a lot of water problems, the water is mostly undrinkable and there is a problem of main supplies to houses.


Things to do in Skopelos town

There is a lot to do in the fascinating green forests of Skopelos town such as swimming, hiking, and walking. The most loved activities on this island include kayaking, boating, sailing, and eating the delicious pies. The pies that are made here are just straight from the heavens, you will be putting on some extra pounds, but you know what that just worth it. The cheese pie is just a favorite of everyone.


Tourists enjoy walking in the Skopelos village because they can explore many local ceramic shops along with sanctuaries dispersed across the island.

People enjoy hiking at Skopelos location. A large part of the Skopelos Island looks like the forest that makes visitors mesmerized with its natural charm and magnificent energy during hiking. Moreover, its dining locations are quite appealing and you can find real peace and contentment.


Guide to Skopelos Greece beaches

Here is the list of Skopelos beaches that will be helpful for visitors to plan tour accordingly.

  • Hodrogiorgis
  • Armenopetra
  • Adrina
  • Velanio
  • Glyfoneri
  • Panormos
  • Milia
  • AgiosIoannis
  • Lios
  • Agnondas
  • Loutraki
  • Hovolo
  • Stafilos
  • Kastani

You will never get tired in this place because it offers you more than your thinking. Stunt lovers can pursue their dreams in Skopelos Island with water sports such as: paddle boarding, canoeing, sea kayaking, and scuba diving.

Try to plan a visit in winters because June and July may give you a tough time during hiking or any other activity.


Skopelos local Jazz bars & food suggestions

If you are not in the mood for any activity but just want to enjoy the magnificence of Skopelos town then check out bars in town that have a very pleasing environment.

You can get remarkable views about the site with a relaxing playlist in the background.

Ask for a Cheese pie, plum, and honey and other local treats as shown below:

Plums are available in three types such asagen plum, dessert plum, and sour plum.

Cheese pie is made up of goat milk cheese of Skopelos town that gives a special flavor to the dish.

Seafood is an obligatory item in the Greece Island. Skopelos olives are quite different from the common olives because they are more juicy and large.

Skopelos, Northern Sporades

37003 Magnesia Greece

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