Rooms to rent Skopelos

Rooms to rent Skopelos

The musical romantic comedy film Mama Mia is loved by many, the breath-taking town that has been the highlight of the movie is none other than Skopelos.

Skopelos Island is blessed with clearest blue waters and picture-perfect scenery. The weather of Skopelos is just perfect to spend the whole day under the sun, to enjoy the beach waves and fresh air.

You can roam around the villages of the island that is on top of the hill, they offer a great view of the Aegean Sea.

Whoever has been to the island, had a hard time coming back. Here is a list of the beach apartments as well as beach houses to rent in Skopelos that is as perfect as the island itself.

Limnonari Skopelos Beach Rooms

Number one on our list of rooms to rent in Skopelos is the most famous Limnonari. All rooms have the perfect view of the beach.

Not only the view is perfect, but the beach itself is just a minute away from the beach apartments.

The rooms are conveniently packed with an AC, a mini fridge as well as has a balcony that never lets you forget the amazing view outside.

Vacation is to relax and enjoy, which is why they have the BBQ set up in the yard for the most amazing experience of nature and food.

You will also have the farcicality of Free WIFI as well as private parking. If you don't want to eat BBQ, you can always opt for the café they have on site.


Ageri Studios

When it comes to beach rooms and beach apartments nothing can beat the Ageri, a serene sanctuary when you can have the ultimate relaxation with your family. Its ideal location makes it accessible via any mean to transportation or even by foot.

The heavenly retreat will make sure you spend all your future vacations here as well. The landscape, swimming pool, BBQ and bar will keep you satisfied till the last minute of your vacation.

The three options of room and accommodations that you will get at Ageri are:

If you want to take full advantage of the sea, choose Ageri Apartments. A couple of apartments look over the Bar and the pool area, not to mention the beach that is quite close. You will have the facility of availing Free WI-FI, TV and A/C unit. There is also an attached bathroom as well as a kitchen in both the apartments.


Limnonari Tavern

Since 1965, they have been serving the best cuisine of Greece tradition. You have a hard time deciding what to eat from the extensive menu they have. With mouthwatering Salads made with fresh vegetables, or the freshly caught fish, goat with tangy tomato mush, shortfin squids fresh from Skopelos, homemade spaghetti marinara. You will also have the choice of your favorite homemade ice cream or pastry to clean your palate.



Holidays are mean to be enjoyed to the full, you can have a holiday coped up in a room, can you? Well at the Limnonari complex you have a variety of activities to keep you engaged through your vacations. From scuba diving to fishing to cruises, you name it and they have it. Cruising expeditions will take you the remote beaches through amazing routes that will give you the most breathtaking view of the beautiful landscape, if you want to catch your own food, then you can go fishing and catch fresh bass for your dinner.



You will have the best experience of your life if you choose to stay at the Vangelis Lemonis, you will have a hard time leaving, and that’s our guarantee.

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