Getting Married in Skopelos

Getting Married in Skopelos

Skopelos, the Green and Blue Island, is a beautiful Greek island, calling it a gem won’t be an exaggeration, which is in the western Aegean Sea. It is one of the greenest islands with a variety of flowers, shrubs, and trees. Skopelos Town Bay give you the most magnificent views along with other fantastic sight attractions which makes it an extraordinarily pleasant place for your wedding.

Getting married is a beautiful and (for most of you) one in a lifetime experience, don’t ruin it by not properly planning it.

If you have plans of getting married and hear of a wedding in Skopelos, you might want to be the next couple to get married there. Skopelos is one of the best and favorite places for a lot of couples who imagine of a wedding in a magnificent church because Skopelos has a lot of them and grand ones at that.

After the screening of Mamma Mia, the number of couples who wanted their wedding in Skopelos increased drastically. The reason was that they also wanted a Mamma Mia wedding for themselves under the soothing light of Skopelos’ bright and beautiful summer sun.

Having a wedding in Skopelos means that one, the couple gets to get married on one of the most beautiful islands of Aegean Sea, and two, the couple and their guests get the perfect holidays. Many couples come to Skopelos to renew their marriage vows.


Ideal wedding location

For many couples, an ideal place for a wedding ceremony is by the sea and to arrange their wedding ceremony on such a location; the couples choose Kastani, Ms. Milia, and Agnontas Panormos.

For religious marriages to take place in a church, many couples choose Panagitsa of Pyrgos, but if you don’t like this choice, you have many more options to choose from.

For a civil marriage, the Picturesque Town Hall is usually the choice of many couples. But there are many other beautiful locations as well, such as Amarantos Agnondas, and Agios Ioannis sto Kastri.

Mamma Mia Wedding Skopelos

Mamma Mia Weddings are usually held at the base of the cliff and later, you get to have your photo shoot on the top of the cliff.


Perfect wedding location

The preferred time to get married in Skopelos is after June or September, and Easter and May. Many couples choose to perform their wedding ceremony in this period because the cost during this time decreases (you can buy a beautiful wedding gift for your partner with the saved money), and the Island is usually quieter.

In Skopelos, you get beautiful sunsets to add magic to your wedding and dreamy shores with turquoise waters as the backgrounds of your picture-perfect fairytale wedding. There are many hotels, restaurants, and picturesque taverns for you to choose for the wedding reception.

In Skopelos, you get to enjoy your wedding in the most perfect ways, celebrate your dream day with your family and friends, get the taste of delicious food and refreshing drinks, and have fun while dancing to the live music.


Honeymoon in Skopelos

If you are dreaming of a perfect honeymoon trip, Skopelos has it all covered for you. With the Skopelos honeymoon, you should be confident that you are going to experience the most romantic break with your loved one.

Booking your honeymoon means amazing flight deals, getting a chance to see what it feels like living in the best hotels of Skopelos Island, and spectacular sight-seeing.

Choosing Skopelos Island with its beautiful sea-views, and serene beaches as your honeymoon destination can be your best decision.

While you are on your Skopelos honeymoon, don’t forget to visit Folklore Museum, Museum of photography, and Panormos Beach.


Skopelos Honeymoon

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