Things to Do in Skopelos

Skopelos is a fertile island, also called Green and Blue Island due to its greenery and beaches, in the Northern Sporades. Skopelos got world famous after the screening of Mamma Mia. Many tourists come specially to visit Kastani Beach and the mesmerizing Agios Ioannis Church because both of these places were featured in that movie.

There are almost 360 monasteries and churches, some of which are on the mountains of Palouki and Delphi. At the sea level, you get to see the beautiful clear blue beaches and large pine tree forests.

But there is a lot more to Skopelos than mere sight-seeing. Keep reading for more

guide to skopelos blue flag beaches

Skopelos is the beautiful Greek island located in the western Aegean Sea. It is a beautiful island with some of the most mesmerizing and beautiful beaches in the world. Greece is known for its beautiful beaches that are just breathtaking.

The water in these beaches is crystal clear and cleanliness is also maintained around the beach.

There are many Skopelos beaches which have received the “blue flag”. The blue flag is given to the beaches that are of the highest quality and meet all the standards of cleanliness and health.

Skopelos is a beautiful island surrounded by some beautiful waters. And it has its own special and very delicious cuisine too. There are some special things that are the main highlights of Skopelos cuisine.

The people of Skopelos love cheese, pies, and olive oil. Skopelos has a very delicious cuisine, it has its own unique taste and the pies that are made here are not found anywhere else.

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Do you want a relaxed, and peaceful holiday? Do you want to have some fun these summers? Well if both the answers are yes, let me tell you the best place that you need to visit this summer, it’s called Skopelos. It is the most beautiful island on planet Earth.

The lush green forests and the pine trees and the clear water beaches are the souls of this island. You can spend your afternoons just wandering around the town, watching its small chapels, the streets and the beautiful buildings.

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Have you ever planned to visit a Greek island? Then must visit Skopelos also known as Mamma Mia Island. It is one of the small islands of the coast of Greece and there is a lot to explore in the Island. It is the best place for nature lovers and families.

You can take boat tours on the clear water beaches and that boat ride would be the best ride of your lifetime that I can guarantee you. There are a lot of activities that you can do in Skopelos, it is filled with fun places and activities that can make your holidays just perfect and memorable for the rest of your life.

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Skopelos is one of the remarkable beaches in the Northern Sporades. Skopelos Island is about 20 km in length and its width is 5 km. Skopelos is well known as the greenest Island of Greece.

People who want to spend time at an amazing and tranquil natural place, Skopelos sightseeing is the best option for them. Its startling landscapes, ordinary Pelion architecture, Natural monuments, and clean atmosphere are key elements to make Skopelos Island distinguished worldwide.

There are numerous religious sights in Skopelos. You will find around 350 churches and chapels and each of them has a unique historical background.

Rooms to rent Skopelos

The musical romantic comedy film Mama Mia is loved by many, the breath-taking town that has been the highlight of the movie is none other than Skopelos.

Skopelos Island is blessed with clearest blue waters and picture-perfect scenery. The weather of Skopelos is just perfect to spend the whole day under the sun, to enjoy the beach waves and fresh air.

You can roam around the villages of the island that is on top of the hill, they offer a great view of the Aegean Sea.

Whoever has been to the island, had a hard time coming back. Here is a list of the beach apartments as well as beach houses to rent in Skopelos that is as perfect as the island itself.

Getting Married in Skopelos

Skopelos, the Green and Blue Island, is a beautiful Greek island, calling it a gem won’t be an exaggeration, which is in the western Aegean Sea. It is one of the greenest islands with a variety of flowers, shrubs, and trees. Skopelos Town Bay give you the most magnificent views along with other fantastic sight attractions which makes it an extraordinarily pleasant place for your wedding.

Getting married is a beautiful and (for most of you) one in a lifetime experience, don’t ruin it by not properly planning it.

If you have plans of getting married and hear of a wedding in Skopelos, you might want to be the next couple to get married there. Skopelos is one of the best and favorite places for a lot of couples who imagine of a wedding in a magnificent church because Skopelos has a lot of them and grand ones at that.

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