Stafylos, Skopelos (map)

Sailormen, before embarking on every trip, used to call upon the wind by saying "Fisa, ageri" (blow, wind).
Our own Ageri invites you to visit our idyllic island.

Ageri is located in the leafy valley of Stafylos in the southeastern part of the island, almost 1800 meters from the town of Skopelos, making it easily accessible by all means of transport, even on foot.

The Lemonis family created there a small heavenly retreat for you and your family. The complex consists of three independent buildings set in a large estate and surrounded by fruit trees and gardens. Among them you will find a swimming pool, a bar and a barbecue. A convenient parking area is also situated in the estate.

The local public transportation is satisfactory with frequent routes from mid-June to mid-September. The bus stop is only a few meters down the road. For those of you who love walking, you can easily reach the town in less than 30 minutes. Finally, for added convenience, you can call a taxi from the pool bar.


Make your reservation now for the most enchanting holidays on the beautiful Stafylos beach of Skopelos!

Skopelos, Northern Sporades

37003 Magnesia Greece

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